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The lifeways of a TechnoGypsie, Techno-Tinker, Techno-Nomad is one of great adventure, feast or famine ebb and flows, and a passion for the myriad variations of culture with the overwhelming addiction of wanderlust. In fact, its much more than an addiction, it's a lifestyle. It's a culture. It's a Way of Life. Click on the links on the globe below to take a cyber journey into the ramblings of Leaf McGowan, our resident Technogypsie. Are you a Technogypsie? Nomad? Explorer? Have stories to contribute? Why not become part of our network and submit your tales to or join us on Facebook and become part of our creations.

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Wanderlust ~ is an all too familiar addiction, emotion, and zeal of most travellers, Gypsies, Tinkers, Nomads, and wanderers. What is Wanderlust?

    Wanderlust: –noun - a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. (Origin: 1850–55; < G, equiv. to wander(n) to wander + Lust desire; see lust).

    Here we will share travel tips, travel reports, reviews, great photogalleries of places we've been, where we suggest to go, and travel tales from our resident Techno-Gypsies, tinkers, nomads, and wanderers.

Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf, Lady Etain, and Prince Cian

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