, / .com / .org,, and are the creative brainchild of Oisin Rhymer, Thomas Baurley, Leaf McGowan, and associated contributors. The term Technogypsie was weaved by Leaf McGowan in 1986 to describe his lifestyle when travelling the world as a archaeologist, artist, bodypainter, and digital programmer/designer. Travelling to festivals, selling handmade arts/crafts, bodypainting, and tarot reading for his clients and then bouncing into research jobs, web development, field research, archaeology, anthropology, and graphic design in the following weeks only to repeat the cycle over and over again. For the good part of the 1990's he had circled North America 1-3 times a year. Through his journey many loved the concept though some of Romanian blood did not like the use of the term "Gypsy". So finally, we are drifting away the wild use of the word since it has its own controversy in meaning. We have drifted over towards the use of Techno Tinkers, Techno Nomads, and Techno Wanderers as more apt-up-to-date terminology for our livlihood and adventures in 2019.

It was an adventurous life that led to his decision to co-write a book about the lifestyle. He soon learned he was not alone, he had met along his wanderings quite a few other "Techno-gypsies", "techno-nomads", "techno-tinkers", and "techno-travellers" who were living a similar lifestyle to him. The current collaborative team includes Leaf McGowan the bodypainter, tarot reader, writer, artist, researcher, and archaeologist; Oisin Rhymer the folklorist and researcher; Jenni Chaney the artist, barista, burlesque dancer, writer, programmer, web designer; Tom Baurley the researcher, archaeologist, botanist, artist, writer, curator, and GIS Specialist. Every month, more and more "Techno-gypsies" and "Techno Nomads" are being added to the mix to create a creative presence that embraces academia, art, science, folklore, botany, history, archaeology, music, design, found treasures, and entertainment.

Technogypsie Productions, Creations, Design, Photography, Arts, Sciences, and Networks is a collaborative project and entity to preserve the past, educate the present, and build for a better future. We do this by blogging, writing, publications, passing on folklore, art, science, photography, design, social networking, gifts, found treasures, services, and media distribution. It is a evolution of the Leafworks Network.

We strongly believe that the past influences the present and repeats itself upon the future. By preserving culture, folklore, arts, crafts, music, innovation, and the living myth of the past we weave a educated future. By dispelling myths and understanding where they come from, the evolution of culture can be better understood. By passing on the folklore and stories of the past will preserve that knowledge to live on amongst future generations.


By art, science, blogging, writing, reviews, photography, design, and the Living Myth - Techno Nomad Productions shares with the world the history of the past, the conundrums of the present, and the premonitions of the future. By blogging and sharing the wisdom of the past stores the records of it to be preserved for the future and utilized by the present. Images, facts, tutorials, and lore that intrigues others will stick in their minds, be remembered, and hopefully passed on to their descendants.

Techno Nomads are everywhere. It is not only a "Living Myth" but a cultural presence, and a social network. It is a blog. It is an art. Is is an idea. For those that it inspires, it lives within the hearts and souls of those who consider themselves to be "Technogypsies", "Techno Nomads", "Techno Tinkers", and "Techno Wanderers". The company is headquartered in the magical slopes of Manitou, the Great Spirit of Colorado in the United States. Previous centers of operation have been Columbia and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina; Dublin, Ireland; Truro, Cornwall; Los Angeles, California; Riverside, California; Point Roberts, Washington; Seattle, Washington; Ashland, Oregon; Eugene, Oregon; Blodgett, Oregon; Hood River, Oregon; White Salmon, Washington; Vancouver, British Columbia; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Miami, Florida; and Brewster, New York. Our Online web store is global. In addition, Techno Nomad Productions are interwoven with the The Tree Leaves Oracle and Folk Fellowship (it's historic and fantasy folk project) as well as its theatrical and eco-project Pirate Relief. The group sets up theme camps and booths at various events, festivals, and fairs around the world alternatively known as a manifestation of Tir na nOg.


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